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REVIEWS - just some of the love 

Now A Non-Smoker

I saw Gayle for help with smoking cessation. It has been 48 hours and I am completely smoke free. My husband and neighbor have smoked in front of me and it did not phase me. I simply don't smoke anymore. I am a non-smoker. I have had 0 cravings or urges. I have thought about having a cigarette but it is more of a habit/reflex rather than a craving for it. When I had my coffee yesterday and this morning, I thought about it for a brief second but no problems at all. It is the coolest thing to be a non-smoker. This was easy. If you can handle relaxing in a comfy recliner with an afghan you will enjoy this method of smoking cessation. Gayle is worth the price and then some.   - Penny Redford, MI


Gayle is a Lifesaver

I saw Gayle Buchan when I came down with shingles due to stress. In just one session, along with listening to the CD daily, my stress reduced and my confidence in life increased. I recommend Gayle to all of MY clients! You won't be disappointed!  Kristy Livonia, Michigan

Phobia Free

I saw Gayle six months ago hoping that she could help me kick a phobia that was literally controlling my life. At the time, I was desperate and thought of hypnotherapy as a last resort. Now, however, I wish I would have gone to Gayle years ago! It has been six months, I am still feeling great, and I am phobia free!  I recommend Gayle to anybody...and definitely as a *first* rather than a last resort. Thanks Gayle!  - Jen from Dearborn

Weight Control

Hi Gayle,  After following a strict diet and exercise plan for nine months that was supervised by my primary care physician, I was frustrated by the fact that I was only getting rid of 2 to 3 pounds per month, even though I was sticking to the program completely. My doctor was suggesting bariatric surgery but I thought there must be a better way.  Thankfully, I found Gayle and Positive Achievements Hypnosis.  Working with Gayle and listening to the CD she made for me has made an incredible improvement in my rate of weight loss. The first month after seeing Gayle I was down 9.5 pounds!  My primary care physician told me he would be recommending Gayle to his patients and asked for her card.  They hypnosis work with Gayle has other benefits too.  I am feeling more relaxed, more positive, and I look forward to listening to the recording each day.  Now I have a powerful new tool to help me achieve my goals. PS. I also had a fun dream where I was running down the road that we live on.  It was enjoyable and I was thinking if I ran around the block it would be four miles which is correct.  It was a good dream, and funny to think that I was working out in the dream realm.  - Joanne

Flying High

My fear of flying had pretty much paralyzed me from enjoying my life. I couldn't plan any vacation that didn't involve driving and realized this fear was controlling my life. I went to Gayle hoping she could help me get over this fear.....not only have I been able to fly without any panic disorders....other parts of my life are so much clearer now. Gayle is an amazing person with phenomenal skills. I can't thank her enough for her helping me work through this fear. I only wish I had found her 20 years ago!!  - Barb from Dearborn

Increased Confidence

I just wanted to let you know things seem to be getting better for me.  I noticed I am looking at life a little differently than I have before.  I notice I handle situations a little easier and expect more respect from others in my personal life (because I am worth it.) I think we could go farther with another session but unfortunately my funds are not allowing it at this moment. I will try to get into see you in September.  In the mean time I will continue listening to the session I have.  - Marilyn


Thank you so very much for all your help.  I'm still a non-smoker.  I finally quit and you helped me make it easy


Gayle,  Everything is going great and I am still weedless thanks to you. . .:) - Many regards, Kenneth


I just wanted you to know that the two sessions I had with you have worked out so well.  I’m slowly losing weight. I’ve not had ANY anxiety attacks since our first session and I’m feeling pretty good about everything thanks, in large part, to you.  Gayle, I miss seeing you and I almost hope that I have another issue down the road that requires me to make another appointment with you.  Until then, please take care and know I’m very grateful for your help.  - Sincerely, Laurice

Anxiety Free

I was having almost weekly, debilitating panic attacks. My anxiety was so great that my medicine cabinet was filled with every natural & homeopathic stress remedy, tea, pill, & potion I could find. Even though these helped a bit, I couldn't get my anxiety under control. I knew that the next step would be a lifetime of Xanax - something I really did not want. I remembered that I'd had very good luck with hypnosis years before, prior to surgery, so I thought I'd give it a try again. Gayle was conveniently located and came highly regarded. After one session and a calm, soothing (but very specific to me) CD to listen to every day, I noticed a major difference very quickly, within days. I've not had to reach for any kind of medicine in a month -- instead, Gayle has helped me eliminate the subconscious triggers that kept me in an endless wheel of anxiety. I'm very grateful to Gayle for helping me, and I highly recommend her to anyone struggling with anxiety. - LB from Farmington Hills

Stopped Procrastinating

Thought I would give you a quick update since our last visit.  Overall, I think things are going well. I can already see improvements in my tendency to procrastinate and am happy that I’m jumping on things quicker and getting them done.  Also, with regard to food, when I think of having something that I shouldn’t (like cookies) I feel like there’s a little trigger and flip a switch and I no longer want it.  I haven’t been feeling my normal cravings. That is go and I’m very pleased.  - Tami

Emotional Health

A few years ago I had some health issues that were greatly exacerbated by my holding on to a lifetime of emotional pain and negative self talk. I had received conventional psychotherapy to no avail. Gayle was recommended to me and to be honest I was skeptical. I had doubts that hypnotherapy was for real and doubted that it could do what other therapy had not. I was amazed and indescribably thrilled with the results that were achieved with just one session with Gayle, accompanied by follow up usage of the CD recording she provided. I have since had several sessions for varying issues and all have been tremendously successful. Experiencing hypnotherapy has definitely been one of the best gifts I have ever given myself and the ongoing benefits have given me a whole new life. I highly recommend everyone try it!  - Julie - Clarkston, MI

Kick the Habit

Gayle helped me through a very stressful time in my life. My sessions with her and the tapes which she provided helped me to successfully handle and get through a divorce. She also helped with "kick the habit" with cigarettes. I would highly recommend her to help you cope with what life has to throw at you. - Sherry – Howell, MI


I started going to see Gail on the recommendation of a friend. There have been some childhood issues that have paralyzed me my whole life from meeting my potential and following my dreams. I have spent the last 30 years searching out all kinds of therapies to help me remove the blocks, old tapes and negative thought patterns. These were a life saver at the time and brought me to where I am today, but never got to the subconscious level where the real changes take place. After my first session with Gail I had more confidence in my feelings and decisions than I ever had before. I felt a wholeness, almost as if the gaps between the puzzle pieces were finally filling in. It was amazing. My second session had a different outcome. For the first time in a very long time I woke up HAPPY. Just happy for no reason. Just felt good about being alive. I listen to both tapes everyday because each has a different outcome, both moving me towards the person I am but have been afraid to be. I know everything I have done up to this point in my life has led me to Gail and I LOVE my sessions with her. I am ready to take my life back and create it the way I want, to release all my fears and to embrace life with Love and Joy no matter what circumstances I find myself in, because all of that comes from within and I am not afraid anymore! I thank God for Gail every day. - Anne

Smoke Free

Gayle, Thank you so much.  I wanted so badly to hug you when I left.  I haven’t had a cigarette and don’t want one.  When I get a craving for one I recall the purpose of my sub con mind and have found it is quite easy to override it. What a stupid thing it is.  It would actually kill it’s host animal! How dumb is that? Again, thank you. - Doug

Sleeping Like a Baby

Hello Gayle,  I wanted to share my results with you after our first session.  I've listened to the CD every night and morning since our meeting.  Maybe it's that my sleep is more restful but I'm not exhausted and trying to steal another few minutes of sleep to see if it makes a difference (which it didn't). Instead I wake into my morning energized and it feels great.  This week at work has also been very productive. I have been getting things done and feeling good about it.  Thank You.  - Melissa

Plane and Simple 

I just want to tell you I made it here, made it through the night, and even rode elevator twice.  Woo hoo!  Made it to Atlanta the flight was terrible . . . Ughh! Only thing got me thru it was listening to you the whole way over and over.  A lot of turbulence and up and down - the ultimate test.  Now the rest will be a piece of cake.  Thanks for all your help.  I did so good. I just want to say how pleased I am with your work.  I never thought that I would be able to get on a plane again and definitely never thought I would be able to fly to Europe again.  With your help and commitment to helping me in such a short amount of time, I was able to take four flights during my trip without ANY panic at all.  I cannot and my family cannot thank you enough.  With your help we were finally, after 12 years, able to fly somewhere and make great memories during our family vacation.  I’m forever grateful and look forward to working with your further.  I trust you and believe in you and your work and I am forever indebted to you.  Without your guidance, I could never have done it.  - Maria

Increased Focus / Less Anxiety

Great news, Gayle.  I passed the exam on March 15th.  I definitely think my CD helped me focus, feel confident, have less anxiety, and tackle the exam head on.  - Melissa

Weight Loss

Here is an update on how John and I are doing.  We have been listening to our CDs every night.  I am one pound lighter and John is four pounds lighter.  We have been juicing a lot.  I have been exercising more and John has continued exercising.  We both feel good.  I have not snacked after work all week.  I am proud of myself.  Thank you very much.


Dee Dee and John

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